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 $5000 MONA Horse Bazaar Prize

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PostSubject: $5000 MONA Horse Bazaar Prize   Tue May 06, 2008 8:56 pm

$5000 MONA Horse Bazaar Prize

MONA http://www.mona.net.au is the world’s richest prize for the production of panoramic content.

The Mona Horse Bazaar Prize for panoramic content is an open digital art prize for the production of screen-based content that best uses Horse Bazaar’s unique panoramic projection system. The screens are custom-built for the environment and extend for nearly 20 metres around the bar. Casting aside the traditional 4:3 screen format, visual artists are asked to produce digital content at an 8:1 ratio. The Mona Horse Bazaar Prize aims to cultivate the appreciation and production of panoramic virtual décor.
This is an acquisitional competition; winning pieces will become a part of the MONA art collection.

For more information contact justin@horsebazaar.com.au

Entries closed on July 13th.

Panoramic projection
The panoramic projection system created at Horse Bazaar is inspired by the huge panoramic painted canvases of the 19th century. The system uses modern technology to create large-scale panoramas in digital form. Six projectors are tiled together to create a seamless 20 metre digital canvas that envelops the bar. Using only light, the bar can be reshaped in an instant – a kind of virtual décor.
Recent software and hardware developments have made panoramic digital content production and projection readily accessible. Horse Bazaar is pioneering the application of this technology in Melbourne. The concept of virtual décor is typically innovative. Horse Bazaar has employed it in the production of virtual sets for plays, to tailor make backdrops for gigs and events, to host virtual dance parties in Second Life, and to enhance the general ambience of the bar.
The Horse Bazaar Prize rewards innovative and subtle panoramic works that set mood and re-shape the room. Judges are asked to consider how the submissions engage elements such as innovative use of the entire projection surface, consideration of the projection environment, aesthetic and compositional values, virtual décor, conceptual innovation, technical proficiency, social cultural or political content. Yet Horse Bazaar doesn’t want to direct people’s submissions – we like to be surprised.

For more information go to http://www.horsebazaar.com.au/hbprize.html

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$5000 MONA Horse Bazaar Prize
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