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 After Effects Tutorial

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PostSubject: After Effects Tutorial   Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:01 am

Saving time with After Effects Render Scripts

1. Your working on your After Effects project.

2. When your just about to go to bed, set your renders up in the Render Queue (by clicking apple + M or Ctrl + M on a PC or click Composition -> Make Movie)

3. Then go to
File -> Scripts -> Email_setup.jsx

4. Enter your POP outgoing server address (this looks something like this "smtp.mail.yahoo.com.au" which you can get from your email forwarding settings on gmail, yahoo or whatever) Click OK

5. Enter your Email address -> Click OK

6. If you use a password for your email account click "YES" to 'Does your smtp server require you to log in?'

7. Enter your login information -> Click OK

8. Enter your Password-> Click OK

9. Enter the email address you want it to send your confirmation to, (your own email)-> Click OK

10. THEN go to File -> Scripts -> render_email.jsx and leave your computer/net on until you receive an email saying "Rendering of RENDER.aep is complete."

You can also find online a script to put in your After Effects scripts folder, that tells the machine to render, save, email and then shutdown the machine (how cool is that!!)


This is an awesome way of getting your work exported as you sleep (so you donít have to sit and twiddle your thumbs in front the computer) Simply leave the computer to render out, wake up the next day.. and presto your project is ready when you wake.

AND if your a yuppie geek like me and have a iphone or phone capable of receiving emails this is a cool way of knowing when your renders are done and its time to come home and start editing.

A small tute by Sean
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After Effects Tutorial
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